Source: WSFTE

The Covid-19 has unleashed an unprecedented health, social, political and economic emergency worldwide. To this, we must add that we are also experiencing an environmental crisis that is destroying our planet, as well as the violation of basic human rights such as precarious work. All of this is due to the fact that capitalism places profit and self-interest at the centre of its activity. That is why transformative economies are one of the main responses to these crises, because they put people, the environment, life and care at the centre of their activity.

In this context, next June the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies is organizing a virtual meeting to publicize the alternatives that exist to the capitalist system, as well as to build new ones. To do this, you can join and contribute your ideas to one of four commissions: communication; mobilization-mapping; activities-virtual space; and resources. To join any of them, access the Virtual Forum . Together we will be stronger!

For more information, access the WSFTE website.