The Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C) organizes itself based on a commitment to trust and active involvement. Membership is, therefore, open to all actors sharing the GPR2C’s vision and mission, regardless of their size, contributions or location.

Members: All organizations, networks, entities or collectives that have participated regularly in thematic or regional meetings or activities of the Platform will be considered members. Beginning in 2019, all members will be asked through an online adhesion form to formally prove membership by accepting the Strategic Plan (including the GPR2C’s vision, mission and values) and joining at least one Working Group and/or showing at least one own initiative directly linked to the implementation of the GPR2C’s Strategic Plan and mission. New members will also be asked to fill in the adhesion form.

Members participate within the GPR2C through the following groups:

a) Facilitating Group: A coordinating and decision-making body that brings together all the members who have accompanied the PGDC since its inception, who have been active and who have been part of the working groups for at least one year. It meets 4 times a year (once in person and 3 times virtually). Other members will be invited/allowed to join the group as long as they can demonstrate that level of commitment, with a clear guideline for increasing regional, gender and race diversity.

b) Working Groups: These are groups that respond to one or more of the goals of the GPR2C and provide the framework for coordination, discussion and co-production between GPR2C members. All Working Groups are made up of members and allies of the GPR2C and include at least one member from the Facilitation Group and one member from the Support Team. Each Working Group will meet virtually at least 4 times a year and appoint at least 2 people (1 from the Facilitation Group) to coordinate their work and act as a liaison with the other groups. The GPR2C’s budget will allocate specific funding for each Working Group.The GPR2C is currently organized around three Working Groups: 1) Advocacy; 2) Research & Training; and 3) Communication. Specific funds will be allocated & fundraised to promote and implement the working groups autonomous initiatives.

c) Thematic and Regional Groups: These are self-organized groups created by members based on their needs and specific goals. They will interact with and receive support from the Working Groups according to the different activities they want to organize, and they will coordinate with the Facilitation Group in order to align their strategies with those of the Platform. Specific funds will be allocated & fundraised to stimulate the organization of regional events and activities, which will contribute to the consolidation of Regional Groups and foster their interaction with the Working Groups.

d) Supporters: Individuals, foundations, governments, public authorities and other organizations that, because of their nature, are not members of the Platform but want to show their support and commitment to the Platform.

e) Support Team: Group of people that provide guidance and technical assistance to the Platform and are part of its staff. This team is currently made up of 2 people from Pólis Institute and 2 from Habitat International Coalition. However, more/different people from different organizations could join in the future.