“Decoding the Right to the City” – online course

The Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C) aims to contribute to the emergence of new emancipatory utopias and social pacts for a better future in all human settlements, giving visibility to/in dialogue with those already existing transformative cosmovisions and creating new possible collective imaginaries.

As a strategy to disseminate the Right to the City to a wide and international public, the GPR2C launched this FREE & OPEN online course “Decoding the Right to the City”, which aims to, through a kaleidoscopic approach, present different perspectives, and initiatives for the realization of the Right to the City.


Session 1: The Right to the City as Collective Human Rights and the City a Common Good (recorded on April 8th, 2021) – 1st part IN SPANISH, 2nd part IN ENGLISH:

Session 2: Women and Gender Equality in the Cities (April 15th, 2021) – IN SPANISH:

Session 3: Inclusive, social, and solidarity economies and Food Sovereignty (April 22nd, 2021) – IN ENGLISH: