The aim of this paper is to discuss the possibilities of thinking about a project of society, based on the concept of right to the city, which has a public school with one of its centers construction. In this project, the right to education, carried out from the building of a democratic public school effectively becomes essential for the construction process right to the city which, in turn, engenders a change in the relationship between school and society and allows the appearance of movement of reappropriation of life against the logic of capital. In this task, geography plays a crucial role, especially in the construction of a geographical view of the school as a social space to be appropriate and constantly (re) meaning from processes that have a participatory democracy in its main elements. It is not only to recognize the geographical school and subjects that constitute it. Geographies individuals must be in dialogue so that we can build a different geography, libertarian, collective, capable of allowing men and women who live there and coexist reconstruct socio-spatial meanings of their lives.