Since 2020, the Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C) has embarked on a collective learning process together with all its members and allies for the elaboration of a series of thematic papers to explore and deepen into the key conceptual and programmatic contents related to the Right to the City. These documents are intended to strengthen the advocacy, training, networking, and communication work of the GPR2C.

On this occasion, we are publishing the Thematic Paper: “Cities and Human Settlements Free From Discrimination”. The aim of this thematic paper is to contribute an improvement to the implementation of the right to the city through some conceptual clarification and practical examples and practices in the non-discri­mination field. Some of them are cases brought forward to the International Human Rights System, with specific recommendations for governments. Others are experiences from different cities around the world, trying to address the oppression of certain groups inside their territory.

This paper also includes a section of explanations for different dimensions of the non-discrimination principle: the different discrimination clauses, —with a particular focus on gender, age, disabilities, race and ethnicity, and sexual identity and orientation — taking into consideration the axes of discrimination approach; the institutional, spatial and structural discrimination, as well as the theory of intersectionality, as well as the ways in which cities are directly compelled to combat discrimination under International Human Rights law and case law. Some examples of good practices are also included.

Finally, some recommendations are presented in order to connect both the practical examples and the theoretical background, in order to the local governments — in their daily practice — and social movements, when doing advocacy, can go beyond the lieux communs and put into place real mechanisms to achieve the right to the city for all.

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