Declaration of the International Meeting for Equal Cities

A Common Commitment 

Our organisations, movements and networks of residents, academics, and local governments committed to social territorial justice gathered in Buenos Aires in parallel with the official URBAN 20 meeting to discuss an alternative approach to neoliberal urban management, and to exchange ideas and experiences of the cities which we aspire to have in the international context of economic, social, environmental and political crisis.

We build on key contributions such as the Municipalist Declaration for the Right to Housing and the Right to the City, and on all international instruments which support the guaranteed right to decent housing and habitat as a basic human right. We understand the Right to the City to be the right of all current and future inhabitants, whether permanent or temporary, to live in, use, occupy, produce, transform, govern and enjoy fair, equal, safe, sustainable and democratic cities, villages and settlements.   These are defined as common goods for a decent life, which should be shared and should belong to all the members of the community.

The defence of the Right to the City reaffirms, updates and defends human rights and the corresponding duties of states: the agreement that “no one will be left behind” of the 2030 Agenda, and that “no place is left behind” of the Declaration of the 9th Session of the World Urban Forum. Cities can be places for everyone.

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