The Al-Haq Center for Applied International Law shall be hosting its Fifth International Law Summer School for post-graduate law students, legal researchers and professionals in the fields of international law and human rights. The training will take place over two weeks in Ramallah, occupied Palestinian territory (OPT) during the period of 24th June – 8th July 2019.

The summer school aims to assist post-graduates and professionals develop a coherent understanding of the legal and human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory with an applicable approach. The summer school offers lectures by human rights professionals and group discussions on key human rights issues and trends in violations witnessed in the OPT.

The International Law Summer School is a highly interactive program in which all participants are encouraged to be fully engaged. The training methods include lectures, group exercises and field visits. The working language of the summer school is English.  All participants will receive an electronic file of materials for their reference. Al-Haq’s summer school is a unique opportunity for internationals interested in the local context, the history and the future of the OPT and includes field visits to a diversity of communities, giving participants the chance to hear, firsthand, experiences of witnesses on the ground.

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