The colloquium will look at the importance and the actuality of the Right to the city concept in the fields of philosophy, urban planning and sociology, as well at its existing and potential implications on urban policies and social practices.

The colloquium (in French) is organized by La ville en commun,  Tous Urbains, and l’École d’Urbanisme de Paris, with the support of the Mairie de Paris, Plaine Commune, Maison des Sciencies de l’Home UCLG Commitee on Social Inclusion Participatory Democracy and Human Rights and the Global Platform for the Right to the City.

 Among the participants are Laura Colini, URBACT Expert, who will moderate a workshop on Rights to the City and International migrations and Emmanuel Moulin, Director of the URBACT Secretariat, who speaks on 5 April on ‘And now, what?’

Speakers and participants also include key figures of urban research such as:


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