The Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid is pleased to invite you to take part in the Housing Forum.

They are opening a space for the participation of 50 representatives of institutions, organizations at the local, regional and international level, students and professors and all those interested in the topic of affordable housing. The gathering will be held in the Training & Event Center Kuća Čubranović 1630, Podgorica. The beginning of both days of the forum is scheduled for 09.30.

Strategies for the development of affordable housing through its goals and actions should determine a change in the way the public of the region thinks about the development of the housing fund intended for housing to citizens who are unable to provide safe living space. The COVID pandemic pointed out the place of living as a safe space that a significant number of citizens, due to the pronounced process of commodification, are not able to provide for themselves and their families. How to change, what are these models and how to achieve their realization is the central topic of this year’s forum.

Conceptually, the Forum will be composed of several different formats. The regional panel will bring together representatives of regional initiatives and experts from European and global initiatives, which, with the participation of interested professional associations, representatives of local and state-level institutions, will discuss strategic development.

Through a hybrid model of meet-ups, participants will be introduced to models of good practice of adequate housing. This form of the meeting will also address the question of why land policy is important for affordable and sustainable housing. Or the question of whether urban regeneration after natural or disasters caused by illegal construction can be a tool for the development of adequate housing. Supporting housing services, as well as housing concepts for vulnerable groups, such as housing first, will also be the focus of the planned panels. Through the form of video editions and screenings of documentaries, the forum will visually present some of the challenges posed by housing policies and their mismanagement.

This gathering is also an opportunity for actors of regional initiatives to discuss cooperation with initiatives and international networks whose representatives are present at this gathering.

The forum is implemented within the project “Service for psycho-social support to users of social housing and families at risk of homelessness”, financially supported by the European Union through the European Union-Montenegro Program for Employment, Education and Social Welfare, and co-financed by the Ministry of Public administration of Montenegro.

For all additional information, contact by phone 020 207 130 or by e-mail