Lima is a fascinating place in the history of the Right to the City, with much of it produced through a process of land invasion and squatting. Come and join John Turner and Dr. Kathrin Golda-Pongratz for an exhibition and a screening of two films documenting their work on ´la gris´ showcased at the 2017 Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador. A 2 course vegetarian meal is included in the booking price!

A Roof of My Own is a UNTV documentary from 1964 on squatter settlements in Lima featuring the organisation and invasion of public land for El Ermitano Barriada in 1962. Alastair Cooke (who presented the BBC’s ‘Letter from America’ for many years) was the commentator, using John Turner’s notes. Immediately after the film was telecast as one of a series, the then dictatorial junta of Brazilian generals demanded drastic cuts that would have gutted the message. So the producer cancelled it from the long international series it was in. But he made sure John got an uncensored copy, perhaps making it unique.

Ciudad Infinita was filmed in 2016-7 by Dr. Kathrin Golda-Pongratz and her Peruvian team – in the same place with a few of the original squatters plus their descendents. They are now proud owners of the fully equipped, modern, standard houses that they and their families built on subsequently legalised and serviced plots.

Bookings £17 – Call 01424 431305 or email

Date: Friday 6th December
Venue: The Beacon, 67-68 St. Mary´s Terrace, Hastings