Call for the Virtual World Assembly of Inhabitants (2nd part)
Monday 31/08/2020 (13:30-16:30 GMT – click for your local time)
Organizations and networks of inhabitants from all over the world are calling for the 2nd part of the Virtual World Assembly of Inhabitants for the convergence of solidarity re-existences in times of pandemic.
122 women and 155 men from 48 countries registered to participate in the first Virtual World Assembly of Inhabitants in history on 31/07/2020, almost 4 hours of focused and passionate speeches, solidarity expressed with activists at risk of their health and life, the decision to proceed: all emphasize the importance and success of the event carried out as part of the global mobilization Zero Evictions for Coronavirus promoted by the International Alliance of Inhabitants.
In Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, and Europe, thousands of grassroots organizations are mobilized in health, food and social relief, in defense of the right to housing and land against evictions and its impacts. The inhabitants are not annihilated by the virus, not by the repressive policies of authoritarian regimes, and not by the ‘resilience’ policies of governments and institutions that would like to return to ‘normality’ of neoliberalism, which is the underlying cause of the crisis unveiled by the pandemic.
We discuss, propose and struggle together, strengthening alliances with international networks, workers’ unions, local authorities and progressive governments, defining strategies to win, not just to testify.
That is why we are all rightly proud to have participated in the VWAI and confident in the Urban and Community Way that we have taken, that is, the convergence of re-existences from all continents, in order to achieve concrete changes in policies.
In this second part of the Virtual Assembly of Inhabitants, we will  :
  • Discuss proposals for alternative policies for housing and territories
  • Define a strategy of convergence of struggles, for organizations, and international networks
  • Agree on a calendar of mobilizations beginning with the World Zero Evictions Days in October
Special guest: Balakrishnan Rajagopal, UN Rapporteur on Right to Housing
In order to provide the VWAI Promoting Committee with the complete picture and to share the responsibilities in setting the Solidarity Agenda of the inhabitants, we invite everyone to fill in this easy online Questionnaire
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Promoting Committee of the Virtual World Assembly of Inhabitants