Join the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies 2020  ! 

The World Social Forum on Transformative Economies continues to move forward, with challenges that are more urgent than ever in a world in full reconfiguration. Based on the results of the preparatory meetings and the challenges emerged during the last year, the convergence spaces of the Forum and the self-managed online activities are meant to contribute to the co-creation of a Transformative Economies Pact and Agenda, around 4 dimensions of systemic transformation: power, culture & knowledge, economies & finance; relations with nature & ecosystems.
The WSFTE process will take place in two stages in 2020: a Virtual Forum at the end of June and a Forum in October in connection with the Solidarity Economy Fair of Catalonia in Barcelona.

The World Social Forum of Transformative Economies is the process of convergence of different  local and international movements from the alternative economy. The main objective of this process is to bring together social movements and projects which share the will to put people and the environment at the centre of the economy, to put an end to an economy based on extraction, growth, competition and the market, and to struggle towards collaborative, resilient societies which develop and reinforce strategic alliances and actions through working together.

This campaign seeks to deliver public visibility and recognition of transformative economy projects, as well as providing an alternative narrative to challenge hegemonic capitalist discourse, uniting forces among existing practices and processes of convergence that are already underway, in order to build together an inclusive global agenda which asserts that another world already exists! WSFTE 2020 aims to be the focal point for the diversity of initiatives, peoples, movements, networks, orientations, visions and aspirations for global and locally based change.

The event falls under the World Social Forum umbrella, evoking its spirit and Charter of principles, and will be driven by the values of inclusion, openness, transparency and respect for the autonomy of movements and civil society actors.
It was set to take place from the 25th to the 28th of June in Barcelona, a city known by history of support to cooperativism and the solidarity economy.
Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 crisis, the event will take place online in June and with an in-person event in Barcelona in October.

The Global Platform for the Right to the City  has been actively engaged in the collective construction of the WSFTE and will remain engaged in the process that follows.