Description: Colegio de Jurisprudencia Urbanística (CJUR International) is a Non-Governmental Organization with influence in 4 continents whose essential objective is the social transformation for a dignified life and happiness, through urban law, legislation, as well as, through the recognition, guarantee, defense and promotion of Human Rights; in a peaceful and innovative way, applying an integral approach, centered on the human person.

Mission: Cultural transformation of human settlements in an innovative and peaceful way, through Urban Law and urban legislation; the Urban Reform of the State, new fundamental political pacts, Fundamental Human Rights and Human Development for a dignified life.

Portée: Internationale

Composantes du Droit à la Ville:

  • 3. Citoyenneté inclusive
  • 4. Participation politique
  • 5. Fonctions sociales remplies
  • 6. Espaces et services publics de qualité
  • 8. Villes durables avec des liens inclusifs entre les zones rurales et urbaines

Groupes de Travail :

  • Plaidoyer
  • Recherche et formation
  • Regional

Site web: http://www.urban.cnjur.org


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