Original source: AL-HAQ

Al-Haq Center for Applied International Law is pleased to announce its Sixth International Law Summer School for professionals, legal researchers, post-graduates and academics in the fields of international law and human rights. The summer school program runs for two weeks and is based in Ramallah, occupied Palestinian territory (OPT) during the period of 1st -14th June 2020.

The summer school aims to assist professionals in developing a coherent understanding of the legal and human rights situation in the OPT while closely studying the application of international law in the OPT. The summer school offers lectures by human rights professionals, civil society organizations and human rights groups on key human rights issues and trends of violations witnessed in the OPT. The International Law Summer School is a highly interactive program in which all participants are encouraged to be fully engaged. The training methods include lectures, group exercises and field visits. The working language of the summer school is English.

Established in 1979, Al-Haq’s mission is to protect and promote human rights and the rule of law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The organization monitors and documents violations of human rights, conducts legal research; human rights education; prepares reports, studies and interventions against the violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in the OPT; and undertakes advocacy before local, regional and international bodies.

The fourteen-day summer school will include sessions on various topics, including:

  • Al-Haq’s mandate and working methods;
  • Historical overview of the Palestinian struggle;
  • International human rights framework applicable in the OPT;
  • International humanitarian framework applicable in the OPT;
  • Business and Human Rights in the OPT;
  • Current human rights situation and developments in the OPT;
  • International accountability mechanisms;
  • Engagement with numerous local and international human rights organizations through on-location visits and sessions hosted by representatives of relevant organizations;
  • Field visits to affected communities include; Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Haifa, 1948 depopulated villages, occupied Syrian Golan, Nazareth and the Jordan Valley.
  • Each year we design unique programs covering the main trends in violations, and political and legal updates from the field.

The international law summer school is open to post-graduate students of law and related fields, legal scholars, human rights defenders and researchers. The program covers the costs of accommodation, and includes breakfast, lunch and transportation for the entire period of the summer school; including pick-up and drop- off from and to the airport. Participants must cover the costs of their own flight tickets and any additional expenses needed for dinner and expenses outside the scope of the program, in addition to a program fee in the amount of 400 USD (paid cash upon arrival) to support some of the expenses of the program. Special consideration will be made for accepted participants who can’t cover the tuition fees.

The summer school can only accommodate a limited number of participants. Applicants will be contacted when the selection process has been concluded. We advise citizens of countries needing a visa to apply sooner in order for them to have enough time to apply, should they be selected. For more information, please contact: ilcenter@alhaq.org. Interested candidates should send their CV, including nationality and a brief cover letter to: ilcenter@alhaq.org by 27 of April 2020 –for those applicants not needing visa – and by 26 of March 2020 – for those applicants needing visa. Accepted participants will need to fly into the country on May 31st and leave after June 14th. Any additional time spent in the country beyond the days of the program, must be covered by participants themselves.

You can find more information on the programme here.