The 8th International Conference on Building Resilience (ICBR) (to be held in Lisbon between 14 and 16 November 2018) is organizing a very special award: the Marielle Franco Community-Design Award. This award pays a tribute to Marielle Franco, sociologist and social activist cruelly murdered in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in March 2018, who was working towards the legitimation of architecture as a public service.

The Marielle Award will recognize the activities of architects in interdisciplinary teams working within deprived areas, such as slums and other informal settlements threatened or affected by disasters, extreme poverty, armed conflicts, forced displacements, eviction or urban violence. This distinction targets both the results and the participatory process behind physical interventions that have contributed to the improvement of the living conditions locally, the reduction of risks and the strengthening of resilience.

You can  contribute to this award by spreading the word with all your colleagues who may be interested in showcasing their community-based design experiences. The recipient of the Marielle Award can be either an architecture practitioner, a group of professionals or an organization with a long-standing experience and substantial achievements in co-working with families and neighbourhood associations. The prize, with an initial value of 10,000 euros, intends to be an incentive for the continuity of these successful interventions, their scaling up or their replication elsewhere.

Submission instructions are available on the Marielle Award’s website (accessible through the 8th ICBR’s website).