The Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C) aims to inspire a better future for all human settlements. The GPR2C is an open, flexible, diverse network of civil society and local government organizations committed to political action and social change through the promotion, defense and fulfillment of the Right to the City at all levels, paying special attention to people and communities affected by exclusion and marginalization.

The Habitat International Coalition (HIC) is the global network that fights for the recognition, defence and full implementation of the right of everyone to a secure place in which to live in peace and dignity.

The communications assistant is part of the GPR2C support team and the HIC general secretariat team, in particular he/she will support the GPR2C’s communications work.

Headquarters: Barcelona.

Dedication: Part-time work with time flexibility, with meetings in the morning and afternoon due to the time differences of the team and members of the GPR2C.

Remuneration: 1200 dollars


  • Work experience in communication issues of civil society organisations and/or local governments;
  • Excellent writing, spelling, synthesis and editing skills:
  • Knowledge and interest in the Right to the City and human rights related to habitat;
  • Ability to process information in other languages (reading and understanding in English, Spanish and French);
  • Management of Office packages, Internet programs, e-mail, wordpress, adobe suite, equipment and software to produce and edit audiovisual and graphic materials;
  • Experience in managing and mobilizing social networks (twitter and facebook);
  • Good attitude for team work;
  • Proactivity and creativity.


 (1) Follow up on the communication plan and the strategic plan of the GPR2C;
(2) Support to the GPR2C communication working group: internal mail, participation in meetings, note-taking, translation on the chat;
(3) Support in the planning, development and dissemination of GPR2C campaigns: preparation of strategy and materials, mobilization of members and allies;
(4) Regular management and mobilisation of social networks (twitter, facebook, youtube and flickr);
(5) Exchange and disseminate member and partner initiatives, building bridges between them and encouraging collaboration, contacts and networking;
(6) Use and update of the GPR2C website;
(7) Production of newsletters (English, Spanish and French);
(8) Preparation of meeting notes and internal support materials;
(9) Translation and correction of documents (English, Spanish and French);
(10) Participation in coordination meetings of the GPR2C support team;
(11) Occasional support for the GPR2C team and HIC general secretariat at events, meetings and reports.

 Interested persons should send to 

1)Cover letter

 2) Curriculum Vitae

Deadline: 01 November