The Agenda for the Right to the City is a repository that included more than 600 ideas,proposals, and actions from social movements and organisations for the 2019 municipal elections in Catalonia and the Spanish State.

This initiative has been promoted by Observatori DESC and the collaboration of several collectives and social movements, including the Global Platform for the Right to the City.

This is an initiative advancing two lines of advocacy:

  1. A repository of social movement proposals for town councils. Today it already has more than 600 proposals that can be filtered by theme or by key words.
  2. A system to create Traffic Light Tables for the evaluation of electoral programmes, based on a selection of measures/proposals chosen.

The Agenda for the Right to the City and the program created to host it have been designed to be exportable to other countries and electoral contexts, through the wide worldwide network that makes up the Global Platform for the Right to the City. In fact, several groups from other countries have already requested to use the scheme developed by the Observatori DESC for their respective electoral contexts, and work is currently underway on the publication in Spanish and English of two instruction manuals to facilitate shared use and access to these advocacy tools.

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