The Global Platform for The Right to the City released the first episode of the #SupportRight2City series campaign.

Watch the video here.

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The short video of 3 minutes, with no dialogues, shows through images a parallel of two women that live in the same city.

Entitled “Two world, one city”, the video is a result of a documentary experiment that wanted to show and compare different¬†accesses of the Right to the City.

The video launched the Global Call for the Inclusion of the Right to the City as the Cornerstone of the New Urban Agenda.

The concept of the Right to the City is the result of a bottom-up struggle over decades that consists in the right of all inhabitants, present and future, temporary and permanent, to use, occupy and produce just, inclusive and sustainable cities, villages and settlements, understood as a common good essential to a full and decent life.

The Right to the City is key point of controversy in the New Urban Agenda – READ MORE.