Nairobi, October 11th, 2017

The Global Platform for the Right to the City members, friends and allies from all around the world, gathered in Nairobi, make a global call for the right to the city, and the universal opposition to forced evictions and displacements.

Forced evictions are a gross violation of human rights. According to international standards and commitments, national and local governments are asked to (1) take preventive measures; (2) ensure sufficient protection; and (3) guarantee that safeguards are taken prior, during and after evictions. Forced evictions are a threat to a peaceful and decent life. Forced evictions cause terror and suffering for the most disadvantaged, with devastating consequences for children and women[i].

One year ago, at the Habitat III conference held in Quito, 197 states approved the New “Urban” Agenda, where they reaffirmed their commitment to prevent arbitrary forced evictions and displacements and provide dignified and adequate reallocation[ii]. States also recognized that property and land in cities and human settlements must fulfil their social function, a fundamental component of the right to the city[iii].

Nevertheless, despite those commitments, these gross violations are still happening all over the world. The New Urban Agenda embraced the Right to the City vision, understood as the right of all inhabitants (present and future; permanent and temporary) to use, occupy, produce, govern and enjoy just, inclusive, safe and sustainable cities, villages and settlements defined as common goods. Forced evictions are a clear threat to that shared vision.

Today, we express our solidarity with the people who face forced evictions, displacements, and loss of their homes, lands, and livelihoods. Today, we salute the courage of hundreds of organizations and their relentless struggle for the right to the city and social justice. Today we commit to work together to prevent and denounce Forced Evictions and to support the affected communities.

In this sense, we – social movements, non-governmental organizations, networks and forums, academic institutions, public sector, foundations and international organizations- urgently call upon states to respect their commitments under the global agendas and human rights treaties, guarantee the social function of land and property, implement the right to the city and immediately prevent and remedy forced evictions. We will continue monitoring and denouncing these actions as gross human rights violations. We will also continue mobilizing to defend our territories and livelihoods.




Call to action: We need more voices from across the globe to make us heard. Please spread this Global Call and share Forced Evictions cases with #StopForcedEvictions and #RighttotheCity on Wednesday 11 of October at 17:00, Kenya time. (Click here to check your local time)

[i] The right to adequate housing (Art.11.1): forced evictions : 20/05/97. CESCR General comment 7

[ii] New Urban Agenda, pars 31, 107 and 111.

[iii] idem, par. 13 a)

List of Forced Evictions cases:

1. Zimbabwe. Evictions in Manzou Farm

2. Chennai. Over 400 families evicted in Chennai
under the guise of ‘restoration of water bodies’
and disaster management

3. Johannesburg. Fattis Mansion Residents Question the Legality of their forced Eviction

4. Otodo Gbame, Lagos, Nigeria. Thousands Displaced as Police Raze Lagos’ Otodo Gbame

5. One million displaced in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kasai: UN

6. Italy: Police Beat Refugees During Eviction

7. Diyarbakir. Kurds forced to leave historic Turkey’s Sur district hit by violence

8. Negev: Israel razes Palestinian village for 113th time

9. Expelled Mexican Christians forced to live in wine cellar

10. Al-Sharq governerate, Kuwait. ‘Should we leave country’ – Fishermen without homes

11. Forced evictions in Kolkata for the
Federation of International Football Associations’ (FIFA). Under-17 World Cup 2

12. 6 Cas D’evictions Forcees de Douala-Cameroun: Nkomba, PK14-17, Bepanda Axe Lourd, Bepanda Boulevard, Emprise Ferroviaire, et Corres