The G20 (Group of the twenty major global economies) will be held in November this year in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), to debate the governance of the global economy under the theme “Building a Just World and a Sustainable Planet”. 

As part of the G20 process, C20 is an engagement group representing civil society, providing expertise on different topics and holding G20 governments accountable for their commitments. C20 is organized in ten different thematic working groups that produce recommendations that will integrate a “policy pack” to be delivered to G20 leaders. 

Part of the GPR2C support team has been participating since the beginning of this year in two thematic working groups of C20, notably on Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Disaster Risk Reduction and on Gender issues. The GPR2C engagement on these groups focused on mobilizing the right to the city perspective on the policy recommendations by bringing the territorial and local dimensions and the centrality of rights and participatory-based approaches.