Toluca - Habitat 3 Reunión Regional

GPR2C Team

The GPR2C – Global Platform for the Right to the City partipates on the roundtable “Fair, diverse and participatory habitats – citizen contributions to the New Urban Agenda”. The Habitat 3 Regional Meeting’s panel occurs on April 19th in Toluca, Mexico.

Member of the Global Platform and coordinator of Polis Institute (Brazil), Nelson Saule Junior will talk about the efforts on right to the city into the Habitat 3 process. He also will be one of commentators wtih Monica Ramirez, Director of Housing and Human Settlements Programs, Habitat for Humanity International in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Hely Olivares, from Latin American Bank of Development.

According to the organization, the debate will explore how civil society can catalyze actions around decentralization and inclusion. It will be chaired by the General Assembly of Partners featuring five main speakers from social movements and three commentators from a more “expert” background.

Also, the roundtable aims to promote effective implementation of Habitat III outcomes, thinking about innovative and affordable tools and approaches can effectively implement the New Urban Agenda.

Panelists and agenda

The roundtable will unite speakers who will share yours experiences and in challenges in developing policies to the New Urban Agenda.

The moderator will be Katia Araujo, director of Programs at Huairou Commission and
current Chair of the Women’s Partners Constituent Group of the General Assembly of Partners.

The panelists will be:

Diocelinda Iza Quinatoa, Movimiento de Mujeres Luna Creciente, Ecuador;
Nohra Padilla, Coordinator, Association of Recyclers of Bogotá, Colombia;
Gethro Greene, Caribbean Farmers Network (CAFAN), St. Vincent & the Grenadines;
Amanda Segnini, NGO Engajamundo, Brazil;
and Estela Condori Cepeda, Bolivian leader of the Women’s Network for the Right to Secure Tenure of of Land, Housing, and the City.

The Habitat III Regional Meeting in Toluca occurs from April 18th to 20th 2016.

More informations:

“Fair, diverse and participatory habitats – citizen contributions to the NUA”

Toluca, Mexico
Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Current hour: 11:30-1:00 PM