One of the central ideas behind the GPR2C’s work is to strengthen ties between its members and encourage the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Communication plays an essential role in this process because it facilitates these interactions and the flow of information throughout the network. That is why we created our newsletter, periodically sharing some of the most note-worthy news about the GPR2C and its members in recent months.

We make an effort to follow and disseminate the activities and work of our membership, but there is nothing better than hearing it directly from you! Therefore, we invite you to collaborate in the collective construction of our newsletter, sending texts and other materials that you would like to share with the GPR2C members. If you have carried out a project, publication or event, have a message or thought that you would like to share, or if you want to keep the membership informed of future activities, the newsletter is an ideal space. It is published quarterly, usually at the end of March, June, September and December. If you are interested in the opportunity, write to us at:

The newsletter is an open and collective space of the GPR2C, let’s build it together!