Karima Bennoune, the Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, is seeking contributions to an ongoing study on “Cultural rights and public space”. This report explores  how actors from across the cultural ecosystem access and use public spaces, identify the challenges they face and the strategies they develop to overcome them, and analyse the impact this has on their cultural rights. It will examine multifaceted issues at stake, such as:

  • Impediments in public spaces to cultural expression
  • The organization of cultural events
  • Conduct of cultural practices
  • The presence or absence of cultural narratives in public spaces

To this end, participants are being sought to complete a questionairre with regard to these questions. Feedback from these questionairres will inform the next thematic report to be presented to the General Assembly.

Interested in contributing? Submit your completed questionairre by May 20 to srculturalrights@ohchr.org, using the email title: “Submission: Cultural rights and public spaces”.

Please feel free to answer only the questions relevant to your work. Kindly limit your responses to 2,500 words and attach annexes where necessary. To facilitate their consideration, it would be preferable if responses could be sent in the working languages of the OHCHR, English, French or Spanish. Please also indicate if you have any objections with regard to your reply being posted on the OHCHR website.

Questionnaire – English

Questionnaire – Français

Questionnaire – Espanol