We have just released the December issue of our quarterly newsletter.
There you can find a summary of the most important activities and campaigns we have carried out over the last three months, as well as upcoming events and other information of interest.
At this issue, you can find information on:

  • GPR2C Thematic Papers
  • Decalogue for Participatory Slum Upgrading
  • #RightToTheCity Campaign Impacts during Urban October
  • Article: Towards building cities for life
  • Video: The Right to the City to face COVID-19
  • Connecting across Habitat Rights and the Right to the City : the report of the roundtable between United Nations Special Rapporteurs, civil society organizations and local governments
  • Upcoming events

You can access the newsletter through this link or click here to subscribe to future issues.

The idea behind these newsletters is that they function as a collaborative space, where the whole of the network can share relevant information. We invite you to contribute to the future issues of our newsletter, sending information on past or future activities, opinion articles or any other kind of information you would like to share. The newsletter is published quarterly, usually at the end of March, June, September and December. If you are interested in the opportunity, write to us at communicationteam@hic-net.org