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The official call for the conduct of side events at Habitat III is now open.
Online applications for Habitat III side events close on May 30 2016.

The Habitat III Secretariat welcomes applications for organising side events in the Habitat III Conference to be held from 17 to 20 October in Quito, Ecuador.

The Habitat III side events provide a platform for national, regional and local governments, civil society organisations, parliamentarians, research and academia, grassroots organisations, women, children and youth, business and industries, foundations and philanthropies, professionals, trade unions and workers, farmers, indigenous people, media and older persons, as well as intergovernmental organisations to present researches, projects or networks, signing of agreements, book launches, etc on specific topics of relevance and interest within Housing and Sustainable Urban Development. Side events focussing on implementation and action-oriented initiatives for the New Urban Agenda will be prioritised.

The side events will have a duration of one hour and are an opportunity to share data, knowledge and initiatives in an effort to advance on the implementation of sustainable urban development in cities and towns around the globe.

The organisation holding the side event is responsible for its financing. It is a prerequisite that organisers have sufficient funds to carry out the event, including own travel and accommodation, if the event is selected. Only one side event per organisation will be selected.

Click here to apply for a side event.

Applications for side events will be evaluated based on these criteria.