Faced with the environmental and civilizatory crisis generated by a globalized capitalist system greedy for resources, social and ecological transition initiatives are multiplying all over the world. Transformative economies are urgent and central part of this movement of renewal, rejecting the doctrine of market-driven economic model growth and financiarization, and proposing concrete solutions. Let us think of social and solidarity economy groups, networks on food sovereignty and agro-ecology, forms of participatory and collaborative economies, the different realities of community and feminist economies, gender and cooperative movements, fair trade, experiences of social mutualism, ethical finances, circular economy social entrepreneurship, economies of the commons, migrants, indigenous peoples, climate justice, but also public policies, education and research oriented towards transition.

WSFTE 2020 aims to provide a platform for exchange on alternatives rooted in local realities that put life at the center and to provide transition responses for those seeking common projects, beyond current neoliberal economic models.

The objective is to bring together representatives of diverse constituencies across the world who are self organizing experiences, innovating and exploring new avenues towards the construction of a post-capitalist society, in order to get to better know each other, strengthen and advance towards an ongoing global transition agenda, which is based on diverse strategies in transformative economies and maps common actions and scenarios for action and implementation.

In this perspective, WSFTE 2020 is not just a simple event, it is a process of ongoing transformation that is fuelled by the positive interconnection of experiences and various movements who are the centre of these transformative projects. We are convening all the stakeholders in the social and ecological transition, including social and solidarity economy movements, rural and urban environmental and ecological movements, peasant movements, indigenous and afrodescendant peoples struggling against extractivism, LGTBQI+, human right defenders, trade unions, feminist movements, education movements, youth, as well as independent media and many others…

Driven by the values of inclusion, openness, transparency and respect for the autonomy of movements and civil society actors, in the spirit of the WSFs and its Charter of principles, WSFTE 2020 aims to be the focal point for the diversity of initiatives, peoples, movements, networks, orientations, visions and aspirations for global and locally based change.

Please visit the website https://transformadora.org and join one of the International Online Meetings to take part in the mobilization process towards the World Social Forum on Transformative Economies !

Let’s build together an inclusive global agenda of transformative actions an policies to change the economy!


Source: WSFTE