How can decent housing for 5,000,000 households by 2035 be achieved? The National Network of Cameroonian Inhabitants are taking on this very , issue, organising the Fifth Triennial of Inhabitants 2019, in Douala, between March 27 and 29.

The 2019 Triennial of Inhabitants is ameeting of citizens from 379 municipalities and cities in the 10 regions of Cameroon, supported by partner organizations and institutions and member organizations of the African Network of Inhabitants Organizations (ANIHO) from 10 countries on the continent. It will be held in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, from 27 to 29 March 2019. For three days, nearly 200 representatives of residents’ organizations, together with representatives of support organizations, local authorities, special guests, representatives of development partners and institutions and private companies, will meet in a three-part forum “inhabitants-elected-professionals of the city” to discuss the principles and modalities that can guarantee decent housing to 5,000,000 households by 2035.

During these three days, nearly 200 inhabitants will join representatives of support organizations, local communities, special guests, private companies, representatives of partners and institutions supporting development will meet in a tri-articulated forum of “inhabitants of disadvantaged urban districts and villages” of Cameroon.
The activities of the Triennial 2019 will take place through:

  • 03 conferences (inaugural – review of the 2014 triennium and closing – adoption of recommendations),
  • 04 thematic sessions,
  • 04 sessions to exchange experiences,
  • 01 session of the People’s Evictions Court,
  • 01 constituent assembly of the national federation of housing cooperatives of Cameroon,
  • 01 general assembly of the federation of collectives of victims of eviction from Cameroon and a general assembly of the RNHC.

Triennial of the inhabitants : The networkThe RNHC brings together people living in the working class neighbourhoods of Cameroonian towns, villages and local communities who are involved on a daily basis in various capacities: personal, associative, traditional, professional, in actions of positive social transformation, the fight against poverty and the improvement of living conditions.The RNHC in Figures :

  • 150 municipalities and cities covered by the RNHC ;
  • More than 2000 Organizations participate in the life of the RNHC and mobilize more than 120000 members at the end of 2019;
  • 300 civil society organisations from the 10 regions of Cameroon meet at the Bamenda Congress in 2004;
  • nearly 1000 citizens of the districts of towns and communes meet in Foumban at the Triennale 2007;
  • More than 500 participants (including 10 foreigners) at the Maroua triennial, November 2010 ;
  • Nearly 1000 participants including 15 foreigners participate in the 2014 triennial in Yaound√©, capital of Cameroon;
  • 400 participants are expected at the Triennale 2019 in Douala, Economic Capital of Cameroon.

Contacts, registrations and information :Call Centre: 8508Tel: (+237) 699 621 361 (+237) 678 354 395
For more info cheack out the Dossier of the Triennal (available in French)