Description: In Architecture Without Borders of Catalonia, we promote universal access to decent housing, overcoming poverty, improving access to education and health, gender equity and environmental quality, with projects both locally and internationally, related to architecture, urban planning, infrastructure and education.

Mission: Cooperation and education for development are the pillars of our work. We propose a non-dependent, participative, sustainable and respectful development with the environment and the local population. In these projects, both international and local, we establish links with local entities, we bet on the training of beneficiaries and counterparts, dispensing with intermediaries, we carry out awareness and denunciation campaigns and much more.

Outreach: International/ National/ Local

Right to the City Components:

  • 1. Non Discrimination
  • 2. Gender Equality
  • 3. Inclusive Citizenship
  • 4. Political Participation
  • 5. Social Function
  • 6. Quality Public Spaces and Services
  • 7. Diverse and Inclusive Economies
  • 8. Urban-rural linkages


Woking groups:

  • Research and training