Description: Corporation REGION is a Non-Governmental Organization that believes in building a just, democratic, and peaceful society. We work in processes of citizen formation, political incidence, research, and wide production of knowledge. We have 3 programs: Right to the City and Territory. Right to education. Human rights and peace. We are located in Medellín (Colombia) and we work in different parts of the country.

Mission: The Corporación Región will contribute to the strengthening of a deliberative, pluralistic, multicultural society, capable of demanding social, political and economic equity between sectors of society, genders, and generations, which defends and contributes to the broadening and deepening of democracy in all fields of social life and to the construction of a Social and Democratic State of Law.

Outreach: National

Right to the City Components:

  1. Non Discrimination
  2. Gender Equality
  3. Inclusive Citizenship
  4. Political Participation
  5. Social Function
  6. Quality Public Spaces and Services

Woking groups:

  • Research and training
  • Communication
  • Gender
  • Regional

Web site: