Description: FMDV-Global Fund for Cities Development is a global alliance of cities and regions working on sustainable financing and local economic development engineering in order to support local sustainable development.

Mission: “Created at the initiative of members from METROPOLIS and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), the Global Fund for Cities Development – FMDV (Fonds Mondial pour le Développement des Villes) is the international Alliance of local and regional governments whose mission is to:

– Design operational strategies and solutions, organize enabling environments for the financing of urban territories and the implementation of a sustainable and integrated local economical development;
– Organize stakeholders convergence and build a shared culture of subnational financing and development, and its ownership by all stakeholders for cooperation and innovation;
– Contribute to the political and institutional debate on the localizing of financing and economic development in order to promote solutions for the implementation of international agreements at the local scale of action.”

Outreach: International/ National/ Local

Right to the City Components:

  • 3. Inclusive Citizenship
  • 4. Political Participation
  • 5. Social Function
  • 6. Quality Public Spaces and Services
  • 7. Diverse and Inclusive Economies
  • 8. Urban-rural linkages

Woking groups:

  • Advocacy