Description: Korea Institute Center for Sustainable Development (KICSD) was established in 2006 and has contributed to improve Local Agenda 21 movement in Korea as a think thank. Since 2015 KICSD has focused on the development of participatory governance system for Sustainable Development at local and national levels. KICSD has done many works of research on sustainable development and governance for policy advocacy, and also taken a leading role of organizing a national Civil Society Organisation network on sustainable development such as the Korea SDGs Network.

Mission: Facilitation of participatory governance for Sustainable Development through research, education, policy advocacy, organizing civil network, and international cooperation

Outreach: National

Right to the City Components:

  • 1. Non Discrimination
  • 3. Quality Public Spaces and Services
  • 4. Enhanced Political Participation
  • 8. Sustainable Cities with inclusive rural-urban linkages

Working groups:                                

  • Communication
  • Regional