Description:┬áThe Observatory DESC (ODESC) is a human rights center that concentrates its efforts on dismantling the devalued perception of social rights – the right to housing, work, education, health, and food – in relation to other rights considered fundamental, such as civil, political and economic rights.

To this end, the Observatory combines political advocacy with research, counselling, the organization of courses and conferences and strategic litigation. Thus, research and publications are promoted, seminars and trainings are organized, and popular demands and struggles are followed and supported. All of this, without losing sight of the importance of collective work and participation in social campaigns.

Mission: To support the exigibility of economic, social and cultural rights, making proposals to guarantee these rights through awareness raising, research, training and joint work with civil society and public administrations.

Outreach: Nacional

Right to the City Components:

  • 5. Fulfilled Social Functions
  • 6. Quality public spaces and services
  • 8. Rural-urban linkages

Working groups:

  • Advocacy
  • Regional Groups

Web page:

Twitter: @observadesc