Description: Our Cities Network (RNC) is a collaborative network of exchange of information on news and on quality of life in Latin American Cities with a broad interdisciplinary and regional focus.

Mission: To provide a service to the Latin American community, enunciating and denouncing urban problems, disseminating the principles of urbanism in its broadest sense, including theoretical production in different thematic areas and recommending, proposing and evaluating possible solutions and forms of funding or sponsorship.

Outreach/Scope: Regional

Right to the City Components:

  • 1. Non Discrimination
  • 2. Gender Equality
  • 3. Inclusive citizenship
  • 4. Enhanced Political Participation
  • 5. Fulfilling its social functions
  • 6. Quality Public Spaces and Services
  • 7. Diverse and Inclusive Economies
  • 8: Rural-Urban linkages

Working groups:

  • Advocacy
  • Research and Training
  • Communication and awareness-raising
  • Gender
  • Regional