On the World Day for the Right to the City, social movements, civil society organisations and local governments join our voices to demand democratic, diverse, solidary, just, multicultural and sustainable cities, villages and human settlements that are respected as common goods and where human rights are guaranteed for all. To this end, we propose collective alternatives for a post-pandemic recovery.

For that, the Global Platform for the Right to the City releases the publication “The impact of COVID-19 on the right to the city: Post-Pandemic Perspectives to Build Back Better and Fairer Cities and Human Settlements”. The publication assesses the impacts of the pandemic and the long-standing economic and urban development models in our human settlements, and shares recommendations for different levels of government for recovery and long-term change strategies based on the material, political and cultural dimensions of the Right to the City.

Read the full statement in the link bellow, or click here to consult the thematic paper.

 GPR2C Statement WR2CD 2021