The 2019 UCLG Congress and World Summit for Local and Regional Governments marks the way towards the follow up of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the first review of the New Urban Agenda in 2020.

Special attention was paid to creating a space of structural dialogue with other constituencies and stakeholders and in particular civil society. For the first time, the outcome will not only be a declaration, but a corpus of integrated policy recommendations resulting from a consultation with other stakeholders and offering both bottom-up continental and region-specific priorities.

The Summit provided a space to ensure connection between the agenda of the global municipal and regional movement and that of the sister constituencies. A special Track has been set up to this end: The Town Hall – with discussions at the highest levels led by the organized international constituencies.

The Town Hall is the space for dialogue and interaction between different internationally organized civil society and the political leadership of the local and regional governments constituency to jointly define the local global policies. The goal was not only to invite partners and stakeholders to join, but to collaborate in the world that we are building. The Town Hall is structured around 5 sessions with different themes: Accessible Cities; Addressing Informalities; Gender Equality; Right to the City, and Sustainable Urban Development.

Preparations towards the Congress were articulated around an open process of co-creation led by the constituencies themselves and facilitated by the World Secretariat. Each group elaborated policy recommendations for local governments to implement transformative action on the above-mentioned themes. At the Congress’ Town Hall sessions – designed by the constituencies themselves –, each document was presented by the constituency’s representatives, discussed with UCLG members and debated with all other constituencies. After deliberations a pooling of recommendations was defined as a result of the session, to be presented to the World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments.

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