This paper proves that the Right to the City framework is already providing substantial alternatives to work for Climate Justice, with examples of successful experiences worldwide!


Since 2020, the Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C) has embarked on a collective learning process together with all its members and allies for the elaboration of a series of thematic papers to explore and deepen into the key conceptual and programmatic contents related to the Right to the City. These documents are intended to strengthen the advocacy, training, networking, and communication work of the GPR2C.

On this occasion, we are publishing the Thematic Paper “Right to the City: a roadmap for Climate Justice. The relevance of the Right to the City to face Climate Change, Global Warming and Environmental Justice”. This paper, written by our consultant Álvaro Puertas Robina, former Habitat International Coalition Secretary-General, sheds light on the potential of the Right to the City as “one of the reference frameworks to guide equitable Climate Action and to jointly create practical agendas to mitigate Climate Change, adapt to its impacts, and guarantee the restitution of rights lost in the past while preserving those rights for future generations”.

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