Since 2020, the Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C) has embarked on a collective learning process together with all its members and allies for the elaboration of a series of thematic papers to explore and deepen into the key conceptual and programmatic contents related to the Right to the City. These documents are intended to strengthen the advocacy, training, networking, and communication work of the GPR2C.

On this occasion, we are publishing the Thematic Paper: “The City as a Common Good: A Pillar for the Right to the City”. This paper explores the notion of the city as a common good, one of the components of the Right to the City (RTTC), from a sociolegal perspective, and it does so based on the assumption that a more precise legal use of a number of concepts is necessary so that the Right to the City can gain more meaning, depth, and power. It aims to raise, and address in basic terms, three main questions, namely: how to give a more concrete legal meaning to the Right to the City?; what should a contemporary, sociolegal take on the notion of the city as a common good be like?; and how can a land and territorial governance framework give a legal meaning to the notion of the city as common good?

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