In the first place, this event on “Climate Justice: institutional responses and significant experiences in Latin America” will seek an approach, at a global level, to the Right to the City, through the Thematic Document “Right to the City: Roadmap towards climate justice”, to vindicate it as one of the frameworks that can serve as a reference to guide equitable climate action and create agendas to mitigate climate change, adapt to its impacts, and promote a recovery that builds more just and sustainable societies that truly guarantee the rights of all.

Secondly, the discussion will focus on specific experiences in Latin America (in this case, Peru and Colombia), in which it is evidenced that, on a local and global scale, climate change especially harms the most marginalized sectors of the population. and in a situation of vulnerability due to injustice and inequality inherent to the current economic and social model. The response of some communities to disaster risk management does not wait and shows, in addition, their empowerment, activation of their own, and appropriate knowledge based on dialogue and action in the territory with academic and social development bets with a transformative perspective.

The event “Climate Justice: institutional responses and significant experiences from Latin America” is a collective initiative of Corporación Región, the International Habitat Coalition in Latin America, and the Global Platform for the Right to the City, within the framework of their joint work to promote Climate Justice and the Right to the City.

🗓️ Schedule this Wednesday, October 13 at 10:00 a.m. for us to talk about Climate Justice We will be chatting with

  • Álvaro Puertas, former Secretary General of the International Habitat Coalition.
  • Eliana Martínez, member of the Scientific Committee for Climate Change in Antioquia.
  • Hendys Paola Guzmán, from the Tejearaña collective project.
  • Ramiro García, from the Center for Studies and Promotion of Development of Peru, and Luz Amparo Sánchez, from Corporación Región

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