The Global Platform for the Right to the City hosted several events during HABITAT III – the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development – that took place in Quito, Ecuador, fro 17 – 20 October 2016.

This event took place on October 19th at the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana and aimed to examine the potential of the Right to the City paradigm as an urban policy tool for the implemention of the New Urban Agenda. The main goal of the event was to develop the Global Platform for the Right to the City’s proposal for a Global Observatory for the Right to the City that should work with contributions from international, national and grass-roots networks and organizations, as well as partnerships with the academia and local and national governments.

 "The Right to the City should not be a responsibility only of cities; we must apply its principles to all types of urban settlements: from the least to the largest urban area" Magali Fricaudet (UCLG)
Mônica Ramirez_Habitat
 "There is a disconnection between practices and policies. We must connect civil society, governments, and the academia to make the exchange of practices between theoretical and technical knowledges about social housing." Mônica Ramírez (Habitat for Humanity)
 "We need to educate people to participate. We need to reach people in a language that they can engage with. We are here to engage the local level" Sonia Dias (WIEGO, Brasil) 
 "How can we participate in city planning? We wish to participate, but the spaces are very restricted. We don't want only to be consulted, we want spaces for real participation at all levels." Marina Joseph (YUVA - Youth For Unity And Voluntary Action, Índia)
"Are women fully enjoying cities? In most of the time,Women are invisible in the cities problems. We need to open city planning budget, design and monitoring to women". Marcelo Montenegro (Action Aid, Brazil) 

Video of the Networking Event:

Check Lorena Zátare’ speech (HIC – Habitat International Coalition) on this video.


The Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C) emerged from the initiative of several organizations working from around the world to mobilize national and local governments, and international and regional organizations for a new development paradigm aiming at more inclusive and democratic cities. The GPR2C advocates for the recognition and adoption of the Right to the City in the implementation of public policies; therefore it participated, through its members, in different forums and events related to the Habitat III process to promote the Right to the City and to advocate for its adoption as the cornerstone of the New Urban Agenda.