Habitat International Coalition (HIC) is beginning the registration period for choosing Latin American representatives for its Council. The deadline is until September 1st. The voting will occur from September 29th to October 19th.  

Each region can choose one representative and one alternate member[M1] , keeping in mind a balance in terms of gender and of the different organizations and countries being represented. The regions that have members with voting rights can formally request the authorization to have two representatives and two alternate members. These would be regions that have paid the annual fee or have been up to date with other contributions, as well as make up double the average of the other regions[M2] . The information available at the moment suggests this will be the case for Latin America in this election.

Each regional representative for the Council will be elected for a four-year term from November 2014 through to November 2018. In addition, this term can be renewed once for the same amount of time.

The term of the members of the Administrative Council ends on November 15, 2014. The current council members, Benedito Barbosa and Carla Rodríguez, can be reelected.