Description: We are a Latin American foundation that promotes sustainability through collaborative processes, generating positive impacts on a large scale. To fulfill our mission, we work for the South (Latin America and Africa), in line with the United Nations Agenda 2030, promoting innovations in favor of the care of the planet and the well-being of people. We see the need to deepen and strengthen efforts that promote human dignity, equity, environmental sustainability and our democracies. From Avina Foundation we promote collaborative processes of change that allow us to understand the challenges and offer specific responses to each context, generating systemic and resilient changes. Nothing we do would be possible without our allies. At Avina Foundation we understand that collaboration is the greatest challenge of sustainable development.

Mission: To contribute to global sustainability from the global south

Outreach: International

Right to the City Components:

  • 1. Non Discrimination
  • 2. Gender Equality
  • 3. Inclusive Citizenship
  • 4. Political Participation
  • 5. Social Function
  • 6. Quality Public Spaces and Services
  • 7. Diverse and Inclusive Economies
  • 8. Urban-rural linkages


Woking groups:

  • Advocacy
  • Regional



Facebook: Fundación Avina

Twitter: @FundacionAVINA