Every year, the Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C) celebrates Urban October, an opportunity to raise our voices about our struggles and initiatives and to join forces for a better world. In 2022, Urban October will kick-off on Monday, 3 October with World Habitat Day and end on Monday, 31 October with World Day for the Right to the City, with the launching of our collective campaign “Reclaiming the Right to the City through Commoning”.

As highlighted during World Habitat Day, rising inequalities put an evident impediment to the realization of Human Rights and to achieving cities and human settlements that are just, diverse and can be fully enjoyed by all inhabitants. Tackling these inequalities should be at the top priority of all government agendas, based on a major revision of the current models that drive economic development, shifting from a logic that is based on maximising profits and commodification of key resources, towards models that drive commoning for the well-fare of the collective.

Thus, this World Day for the Right to the City, civil society organizations and local governments demand the commoning, as a paradigm shift and, as a stepping-stone for realizing the Right to the City. 

Check out the collective campaign “Reclaiming the Right to the City through Commoning “!


Furthermore, as always, the GPR2C is joining and supporting all the GPR2C members and allies initiatives during Urban October under the Right to the City umbrella. Here you will find a collection of them:



October 3rd (World Habitat Day)

 October 5 th 

 October 6th  

October 6th & 7th  

October 7th  (World Metropolitan Day)

  • World Metropolitan Day, a global campaign promoting collective action to build more equitable and prosperous metropolises | by Metropolis and UN-Habitat

October 12th

Special Session [Right to the City] at the 12th World Human Rights Cities Forum | In this session, we will be exploring the framework of the Right to the City in the context of climate justice through the GPR2C thematic paper – “Right to the City: A Road for Climate Justice” | Co-organized by Kota Kita and GPR2C

October 10th-13th 

October 10th-14th  

October 10th-15th

  • Better Urban World  | town hall meeting on bridge the growing inequality Gaps& Challenges in cities & human settlement, especially to re-examine the effect and the implication of the (3) CC which are (Covid-19), Climate Action and Conflict Mutilating issues as it affects human settlements. | Organized by   IWCC Nigeria Organized

 October 15th (International Day of Rural Women)

 October 16th (Food sovereignty day)

21-23 Octubre

  • Fearless Cities | A global movement of activists, activists, organizations, councillors and mayors working to radicalize democracy, feminize politics and drive the transition to an economy that cares about people and the environment | Rosario, Argentina

October 22th-23th 

October 28th-29th

 October 28th-29th (World CLT Day)

October 31st (World Day for the Right to the City)

  • Reclaiming the Right to the City through Commoning| A call for the realizationrealisation of the Right to the City, through the implementation of commoning practices| By the Global Platform for the Right to the City.

Let’s join forces to keep advancing the Right to the City
for everyone, everywhere!