The Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C) releases the Thematic Paper “Cities and Human Settlements with Quality Public Spaces”, on the occasion of the World Urban Forum 11.

This paper explores the complexity of public space across different dimensions: urban, cultural, artistic and performative, political, environmental, and virtual. Public space is not simply a well-designed physical space for public enjoyment; it is primarily a way of re-thinking cities and human settlements so that they can powerfully contribute to the effective implementation of the main pillars of the right to the city.


We envision a city/human settlement with quality public spaces and services that enhance social interactions and political participation, promote sociocultural expressions, embrace diversity, and foster social cohesion; a city/human settlement where public spaces and services contribute to building safer cities (especially for women and girls) and to meeting the needs of its inhabitants (especially those related to livelihoods).




A. Introduction

B. What is public space?

C. Public space in the New Urban Agenda and in the Agenda 2030

D. Diversity and inclusion: overcoming discrimination, sexism and violence

E. Complexity of public space

F. Public space and COVID-19

G. How to design a quality public space: the process

H. The centrality of public space: key recommendations


Complexity of public space

In order to understand the importance of quality public space, it is necessary to explore its complexity, analysing different dimensions in meanings and opportunities, such as the urban, cultural, artistic and performative, political, environmental and virtual aspects, and implications related to governance. The design and management of public space requires a mature understanding and a strategic ability to identify and expand its huge potential to foster the Right to the City.

Launching of the Thematic Paper during WUF11

Date: Tuesday, 28 June, 15h30 – 16h30

Location: Public Spaces Stand – Hall 2.2 Stand #15

During the World Urban Forum 11, the GPR2C, together with a number of organisations working on sustainable, diverse and inclusive public spaces, will have a stand at the WUF11 urban exhibition.

This will be a great opportunity for the public release of the GPR2C Policy Paper on ​​Cities and Human Settlements with Quality Public Spaces.

The author of the paper, Luisa Bravo from City Space Architecture, will join us for the presentation and debate with other organizations working on this issue.

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Cities and Human Settlements with Quality Public Spaces

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