At the conext of HabitatIII The Global Platform for the Right to the City will promote the 3 TED-inspired different presentations of 15 minutes, each addressing one of the issues proposed and how they are connected with the concept of the Right to the City, followed by a concluding 15 presentation to connect them with past, present and future perspectives of the Right to the City.

Thursday, October 20 at 2pm (14:00) at Asamblea Nacional

Each of the first 3 presentations will have two parts:

1. A short evaluation of what has been discussed in the New Urban Agenda in regard to the related topic, followed by the proposition of the 2 to 3 main challenges that need to be dealt in the next 20 years;
2. A video* or case study presentation showing: A) how the above-mentioned challenges are materialized in a specific situation that involves real people, in a specific part of the world, and/or B) solutions/ideas that have been already experimented to address these challenges.

The concluding presentation will address how the challenges and dimensions previously explored can be connected with the concept of the Right to the City and why it matters in the pursuit of more peaceful, just, inclusive and sustainable cities, villages and settlements for everyone, everywhere. This presentation will address the past of the Right to the City, the connections with the concrete matters brought by the presentations – also mentioning other examples of its successful application throughout the world** – and the potential of the adoption of its key elements and guiding principles of international programs, public policies and social action. This presentation will serve to inspire and engage the audience to think how their own activities and organizations can benefit from the Right to the City approach in the promotion of a more sustainable urban future.

* Currently we are producing a video series based on true stories to illustrate the challenges faced by people who cannot enjoy the Right to the City to its full extent. The first episode can be found on:

** A compilation of experiences of the implementation of the Right to the City worldwide can be found here: